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#ITM It is time again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' tRoll Preshow!

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Producers, investors, builders, hosters, hosts, listeners, everybody: spread the word of Podcasting 2.0. Boost #175th meeting of the board with @adam and @dave where they discuss the week's developments.

With this handy, ready to go post on LinkedIn you can get the attention of more people that might be interested:

Like and share to have the post popup on other people's time line and mention people to poke them in the side.


Does anyone want to help me design a logo and/or icon for #BitRitter?
If i draw it myself, i'd rather have no icon haha.
It is a password manager frontend for #MobileLinux (and desktops aswell).
Boosts welcome. :boostRequest:

If there is a hashtag for such things, let me know aswell.


Boosted this and went right to Podverse to listen to music. 😂

@nbs I agree with you. I bought some on this dip at 39,500. Next buy order 35,500.

No Agenda Central Jersey Meetup - February 17th 2pm @ Garden State Distillery in Toms River. RSVP Now!

@Jersey36830 finally made a NA Meetups event. I'll share link once it's approved.

.@pjd3 Do we need to do anything special to make sure we see in our instance?

. @eriner @adam If anyone else needs a new home I have an instance at

@Jersey36830 Yes, Garden State Distillery is up. What are you thinking? February 17th or 24th maybe?

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