Thomas Jefferson would be considered a threat to the soul of this country and a terrorist by Joe Biden and would be raided by the FBI

It's incredible this happened. There goes the wacky clips of non-binos ranting about one thing or another.

BREAKING: Staffers Claim Sen. Lisa Murkowski Secretly Supported Ranked Voting System in Alaska to Ensure Election Victory ... ‘She Stayed Quiet and Honestly it was Probably Best She Stayed Quiet on That’ ... ‘Behind Closed Doors We'll Have Talks’

Watch "PBS News DROPS Senate Judiciary Committee Livestream Right When Veritas FBI Leaks Are Mentioned" on YouTube

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Watch "BREAKING: Sen Ted Cruz Cites Project Veritas FBI Leak When Questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray" on YouTube

BREAKING: FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Bureau’s "Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide" on 'Militia Violent Extremists’ Citing Ashli Babbitt as a MVE Martyr

The unclassified document notably references The Second Amendment, Gadsden Flag, Revolutionary War Imagery, and The Betsy Ross Flag

New Jersey No Agenda Nation! September 10th will be our 2nd Quarterly NJ Slaves Meetup. We will continue to alternate between the very excellent 3BR Distillery in Keyport and Garden State Distillery in Toms River. See you at GSD in Toms River on Sept 10th!

South Jersey Slaves Meetup - No Agenda Meetups

Having listened to NA podcast for only a couple years, I've just finally listened to episodes 1 & 2 from 2007 and I picked my favorite quotes from each, respectively. Too funny to me, so this is my Sharing Saturday NAS post (by @adam):
"Oh John, I am so happy you told me that story."
"Welcome to No Agenda, the show that has no jingles, no theme song, no commercials, no talent, and, actually, No Agenda!"

Wild. Yesterday at Freedom Fest, Kennedy from Fox (formerly MTV) tried to interrupt James O'Keefe's keynote speech. He had three minutes left on the stage timer.

"In some way the irony is that the more stories you break of significance, somehow in their eyes, the less of a journalist you are." Glen Greenwald on 'Journalists'

This is great.
Watch "FULL COMEDY SPECIAL | Jim Breuer - 'Somebody Had to Say It'" on YouTube

This footage of citizens storming the presidential palace in Sri Lanka is unreal.

Sri Lankan government has collapsed.

Good morning agents.

Which decade did the FBI become a politicized gestapo of instigators, or has the FBI always been a fraud? Did a formed FBI agent kidnap the Lindberg baby?

The MINKS!!!!


Denmark’s Leader Apologizes for Botched Mink Cull During Pandemic

The comments by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen came after a report called the government’s decision in 2020 to kill some 17 million mink over coronavirus fears illegal.

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