I had a health physical this week. On my way out the admin told me they felt obligated to tell me that the government now requests all vaccination records for the past year on all patients so they can notify in the event of a "recall". 👀 @adam @Johncdvorak

Just me. I had my VPN on. Not sure why that was a problem.

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Is down? I can't get to any NA shows and the stream seems to be down... Just me?

Did a podcast with some folks regarding the Project Veritas debacle.

Watch "Dangerous Rhetoric 124: Daniel R. Strack, Matthew Tyrmand, & Christian Hartsock" on YouTube

MemNetworks hosts my Mastodon instance - social.stracknet.com. I guess I'm going to need to donate soon. Invoice #33

Kalen is a great guy and a friend. He lays out the Project Veritas story really well.

Watch "Dangerous Rhetoric 123: Kalen Eriksson" on YouTube

I can't register on short notice with NA Meetups, so PLEASE BOOST THIS!! You'll get BOOST KARMA+++++

Let's try something...

Gitmo Guerrilla Pop-Up Meetups, where I fly around and meet up with ALL Y'ALL! I therefore cordially invite one and all to:

Gitmo Guerrilla Pop-Up Meetup: Long Island, NY Edition

Saturday, 4/20 (woohoo!) 4:20 pm (natch)
Southpaw Brewing Company (their tap system is SO COOL!)
501 Boulevard E
Yaphank, NY

Hope to see Long Island represent!

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Not listening to the Best Damn Podcast in the Universe is an act of aggression!

Don't make that mistake. Don't fall for the scams. Tune in NOW for the best coverage of what's going on around the world.

Media deconstruction, catchy jingles, NO corporate sponsors, NO AGENDA!

RT: https://psyopshop.com/users/adam/statuses/112270880183620270
🛑 Are you ready to Rock? 🛑
🤟 Are you ready to tRoll? 🤟

#ITM It is time again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' tRoll Preshow!

Tune in NOW!

The show is V4V, so if you can, support the show and BOOST! BOOST! BOOST!


Producers, investors, builders, hosters, hosts, listeners, everybody: spread the word of Podcasting 2.0. Boost #175th meeting of the board with @adam and @dave where they discuss the week's developments.

With this handy, ready to go post on LinkedIn you can get the attention of more people that might be interested: linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:l

Like and share to have the post popup on other people's time line and mention people to poke them in the side.


Does anyone want to help me design a logo and/or icon for #BitRitter?
If i draw it myself, i'd rather have no icon haha.
It is a password manager frontend for #MobileLinux (and desktops aswell).
Boosts welcome. :boostRequest:

If there is a hashtag for such things, let me know aswell.

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